Resources for Los Angeles Bail Bond

Welcome to the Los Angeles bail bond informational website.  This website is designed in providing insight and information on how the bail bond process works.  We provide information to the public by offering all resources you may you need in finding your friend or family and giving you directions to that information.  Los Angeles bail procedure can be confusing and overwhelming in situations that call for a bail bond company.  On this page your willl find all the contact numbers you may need and will want to keep handy. Also will be some glossary terms and process and procedures for bail bond in Los Angeles.

Glossary of Keywords

Bail Bond – this is normally some type of document that allows you to be released from holding or custody.  Bail requires some type of collateral in Los Angeles for this to be completed.

Booked – once a person has been detained and registered this process is typically called “booked” or “booking”.  After a person has been locked up to find the inmate they may require for a booking number. Keep this information handy at all times when looking for an inmate or trial case.  In a bail bond process they may require you to get the booking number of the suspect in Los Angeles.

Docket Number – is the number that will help identify your case that is assigned by the court.


California Legal Process and Los Angeles Bail Bond Information

One of the worst things for a family member or friend to hear is that someone you care about is in jail.  This can be very eye opening experience since many of us have not gone through this process.  These situations can be very daunting for someone under the stress of worrying for a family member or loved one in jail.  We have broken down the 5 simple steps for the criminal legal system in Los Angeles.

1) The defendant is charged of the crime and booked in Los Angeles.  At this time the Los Angeles District Attorney will assess the case and determine if this case will be processed and charged. If the no charge is processed the case is dismissed.

2) If the Los Angeles District attorney does file charges at this time the defendant will determine his plea. If the defendant pleads guilty they will be sentenced and the case is closed.  We recommend anyone who is being charged to consult an experienced lawyer for your case.

3) If the defendant pleads not guilty a court date will be set.  At the time the case is to be heard a verdict will be reached and the case will be closed.  During this time the hearing process can be long and people have lives and obligations to carry on.  The person being charged may have jobs that require the bills and obligations to be meet.

4) Being on bail can be crucial and just be evaluated as carefully as possible since many people are tight on money.  Before the defendant is processed in Los Angeles the court may allow for a bail with the promise they will return on the court date.  In Los Angeles California the courts have a a bail system that schedules the dollar mount for bail to be set.

5) At this time a Los Angeles bail bond company can be a very good assistance.  At this time they can go over the detailed bail procedure and offer you the best information possible.