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Finding the right bail bonds in Long Beach can be difficult when searching for the right company.  The smaller bail bond companies in Long Beach offer just as fast service as the major bail bond companies.  The benefit of working with a smaller bail bond company in Long Beach can be the personal attention that is required in these tough situations.  Smaller bail bond companies are normally managed and run by the owner themselves creating a personal touch in handling these types of cases.  Knowing you are dealing with a owner typically means that they care about your business as well as your well being.  Since smaller bail bonds are now tapping into the information age they care provide the same logistics as any other major bail bond company.  From receiving emails, faxes and other inquires at a lightening speed.  All bail bond companies are required to be registered with the state and bail bond fees are set by the state themselves.  Bail bonds are available so you can pay a fraction of the total bail set by the courts.  They provide assistance in helping you the process as a defendant.  

Services offered for Bail Bonds Long Beach

* Free Consultation regarding your Bail Bond in Long Beach

* Fast and quick bail process in Long Beach

* Bail bond financing maybe available


City of Long Beach Police Department: Arrest Jail Information
100 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 570-7260


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By clicking the above link a full map of where the jail is located in Long Beach. 

People who are detained and not bailed quickly can be transferred to a different facility such as Twin Towers Jail in Downtown Los Angeles California.This facility is one of the largest facilities in the Los Angeles area to house inmates from the Long Beach jail.  The Twin Towers is operated under the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.


Long Beach Inmate Information

* all visitation are via video conferencing at PD headquarters (400 West Broadway)

* visitors cannot have any outstanding warrants and this information is verified using a criminal records check

* inmates may have two visits per day but there is no guarantee on the 2nd visit

* in order to visit an inmate in Long Beach you cannot have been in custody within the last 6 months

* all jail visitations can be cancelled on the request by the Jail Commander

* only one child is allowed to visit an inmate with a legal guardian

* visitation times are limited to 15 minutes per visit in Long Beach

* only a valid goverment issued ID is required for visitation


Felony 10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. Thursday through Sunday
Misdemeanor 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Sunday
Trusty 1:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. Daily

Long Beach Police Head Quarters (LBPD)

400 W. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802 (map)
General Information (562) 570-7260

Additional Phone Numbers to Assist you with your Long Beach Bail Bond

POLICE DISPATCH    435-6711    24 Hours
GENERAL INFORMATION    570-7260    24 hours
Graffiti Removal/Hotline    570-2773    24 hours

Office of the Chief of Police    570-7301    8am-5pm
Internal Affairs    570-7343    7am-6pm

ADMINISTRATION BUREAU   570-5830    8am-5pm
Community Relations Division    570-7215    8am-5pm
Crime Prevention / Neighborhood Watch   570-7229    8am-5pm
Media Relations    570-5273    8am-5pm
Volunteers       570-5299    8am-5pm
Financial Management Division       570-5668   8am-5pm
Personnel Division    570-7120    8am-5pm
Records and Technology Division      
Records Inquiry Desk    570-7381    M-F 7am-7:30pm
Sat. 9am-1pm
(Closed Last Sat. of Every Month)
Auto Records    570-7475      24 Hours

INVESTIGATIONS BUREAU - 570-7350    8am-5pm
Detective Division    570-7218    7am-6pm
Auto Theft    570-7362    7am-6pm
Burglary    570-7351    7am-6pm
Computer Crimes    570-7223    7am-6pm
Forgery/Fraud    570-7330    7am-6pm
Identity Theft    570-7602    7am-6pm
Labor Relations    570-7219    8am-6pm
Permits/Licensing    570-7219    8am-6pm
Vice Section    570-7219    8am-6pm
Family Services Division      
Child Abuse    570-7321    7am-6pm
Domestic Violence    570-7277    7am-6pm
Sex Crimes    570-7368    7am-6pm
Forensic Science Services Division    570-7701    8am-5pm
Bicycle Warehouse    570-1075    12pm-4:30pm
Property Detail    570-7660    6:30am-5pm

Gang & Violent Crimes Division - 570-5529    7am-6pm
C-CAT    570-7231    7am-6pm
Gang Section    570-7370    7am-6pm
Homicide    570-7244    7am-6pm
Narcotics (Complaints)    570-7221    7am-6pm
Narcotics (24 Hour Hotline)    570-7125    24 Hours
Robbery    570-7464    7am-6pm
Violent Crimes    570-7250    7am-6pm
Youth Services Division    570-1425    24 Hours
Missing Person Reports    570-1425    24 Hours

PATROL BUREAU - 570-7214    8am-5pm
North Patrol Division - 4891 Atlantic Avenue    570-9800    8am-5pm
South Patrol Division (Headquarters) - 400 W. Broadway    570-7260    8am-5pm
East Patrol Division - 4800 Los Coyotes Diagonal    570-5880    8am-5pm
West Patrol Division - 1835 Santa Fe    570-3400    8am-5pm

Field Support Division      
Accident Investigations    570-7355    7am-6pm
Marine Patrol    570-3246    8am-5pm
Reserves    570-7338    7am-6pm
Traffic   570-7209    8am-5pm

Resource/Community Policing Center  
1320 Gaviota Ave    570-1691    9am-5pm
1004 E. 7th St.    570-1114    9am-5pm
910 Daisy Ave.    570-1146    9am-5pm
2023 Pacific Ave.    570-1100    9am-5pm
SUPPORT BUREAU   570-7342    8am-5pm
Jail and Arrest Information    570-7260 or 570-7320    24 Hours
Police Academy/Training    570-5890    7am-5pm