Huntington Beach Bail Bonds

What happens when you get arrested in Huntington Beach?  The fact is that you may or may not be guilty of the crime, or you may not have known you did anything wrong, or an accident may have led to your arrest.  At this point all people who get arrested (provided you do not resist arrest) are treated pretty much the same. You are now a “defendant” or “incarcerated”, and are taken to a detention center at the police station closest to where you were arrested.

Here you will undergo the booking procedure.  Booking is the process in which you are identified, searched in the police database to see if you have committed other crimes, and your current activity is recorded.  This process can take several hours or even over a day.  After this, it is decided whether you will be released, or have bail set in order release you. If bail is to be set, you will remain in a holding cell until bail is produced and posted to the court.  Sometimes it is decided that no bail will be set and you must remain in custody.
During booking, be prepared to give truthful information and surrender personal items to the police.  In addition, you will be asked to give your name, address, phone social security number, as well as having a photo (mug shot) and fingerprints taken. You may also undergo a body search in case you have illegal drugs, weapons, or evidence.

You will be allowed to call one person after this process.  You should call someone trusted like a family member or friend.  During your one call, you should tell the person all the information they need in order to help you; where you are - and if bail was set - the amount of bail, your date of birth and full legal name.  This information will help to expedite the bail bond process. If you are not released or bailed out, you will be held until you are called to appear before the judge.  

Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach
Bail is the money or collateral that is loaned or posted with the court as a sort of insurance that the defendant will come back to court when they are required to.  The court hearing will help to determine the outcome of your case.  Bail can be a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the case, your past history and the judge.  
Bail Bond Service – How does it help you?
Because most people do not have thousands of dollars cash on hand to bail someone out, Bail Bond Services are there to post bail for you.  Licensed professional bail bond services and agents are able to obtain the entire bail for you and post it, so that the incarcerated person can leave the jail.  In California, this service has a set non-refundable fee of 10% of the amount of bail. If bail is $10,000, for example, your fee to the bond agent is $1,000. After the case is resolved and the defendant has attended of all court dates, the bail is exonerated and the full amount is returned to the bail bond agent.  In the instance that defendant fails to attend their court dates, the court will keep the bail.  

What Determines the Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach?
Judges use what is called a “bail schedule” in California.  The bail schedule is a guideline of how much bail should be posted for various felonies and misdemeanors.  Judges also take into account other factors such as your criminal history, the risk that you will fail to return to court, and certain facts of your case.  Sometimes the judge will release you with a bond called “own recognizance”.  This is when you simply sign a paper saying you agree to attend your court appearances and you are free to go.   If you have no criminal are they feel you are a low risk of flight, you may be granted release on your own recognizance.

Huntington Beach Bail Bonds Services 
How do you find a bail bond service?  There are many bail bond companies and agents in Huntington Beach.  The service you choose should be licensed and bonded, and have experience.  They should also be friendly and helpful, and even willing to come to the jail where the defendant is being held if necessary.  
Our Huntington Beach Bail Bond service meets and exceeds these requirements.  Or agents are available for you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, and we give you the personal attention you need during this difficult time.  Sometimes people don’t have entire 10% for the fee, and we can help you with additional financing as well. Sometimes additional collateral will be needed, such as property or assets you own.  Our goal is to provide you with peace-of-mind and assist you in every step to obtain and post your bail, and release your loved one or friend from jail.
With a simple phone call we can start the process immediately, and you will be surprised at the speed in which we can get your bail bond processed and posted.

Huntington Beach Jail and Processing Center Information 
The main jail in the Huntington Beach area is the Orange County Jail.  The jail is comprised of three facilities which are located in Santa Ana. 
Orange County Jail 
(949) 855-2612
13502 Musick 
Santa Ana , CA 92618