Los Angeles Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What is the cost of a Los Angeles bail bond?
Answer – in most states and including California the bail bond rate is 10% of the bail amount.  Important thing to note is that bail amounts are set by each state and cannot be negotiated for lower costs.  There should be hidden fees or taxes on a bail bond.  Any costs lower than the set state amount for bail is illegal. Anyone offering you cheap bail service is not trust worthy.

Question – How am I going to pay for my Los Angeles bail bond?
Answer – you can purchase the bail bond typically by cash or credit card.  Some places might even offer you a payment plan. All this is dependent on the bail bond company.

Question – When can I bail someone in Los Angeles?
Answer – you can only bail someone after they have been booked and processed.

Question – Cite out and Cite & release what are these?
Answer – for minor offenses in Los Angeles they will release you on the agreement you will return back to court on the given date.  These are typically for minor infractions in Los Angeles. Bail or Bail Bond is not required in situations like this in Los Angeles.


Question – What happens to someone who is arrested or detained?

After a person is detained for a crime or questioning the person will be taken to be booked.  At this processing point the person in Los Angeles will be checked for eligibility for a bail. The person may be detained until their court hearing and no bail could be set.

Question – What does a Los Angeles bail bond cost?

A California bail bond fee is 10% of the amount of bail set by the courts.  This amount is non-refundable and requires regulation by the California department of insurance.  The bail amount are pre-determined all the across the board and should be the same price in Los Angeles.  There are times that certain bail costs can come with additional charges and these charges should be included with your bail bond contract.