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If you need a bail bond company in Agoura Hills you have come to the right place.  We can offer you assistance in helping you find an Agoura Hills Bail bond company.  When people are searching for a bail bond company they are looking for quality service and speedy service to help with the bail process.

Many places in Agoura Hills offer bail service where they can meet you at your location or at the jail facility.  Posting the bail is a simple process and can be done within minutes.  Some bail bond facilities offer a email and fax option to send information to begin the bail bond process as well.  Many of these bail bond services are now utilizing technology to streamline their business for quicker bail bond process.


Jail & Bail Bond Information in Agoura Hills, CA

The jail facility in Agoura Hills is known as the Lost Hills or the Malibu jail facility.  This facility is small and houses a very small number of people as inmates.  If the suspect or detainee is not bailed quickly there could be a possibility they could be sent to the Los Angeles Twin Tower jail facility.  If the inmate is transferred this process can require them to be detained for a much longer time. 


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department - Malibu/Lost Hills Station

27050 Agoura Road 
Agoura Hills, CA 91301 
Phone: 818-878-1808




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Malibu/Lost Hills Station is located south of Hwy 101. Between Lost Hills Road and Liberty Canyon Road. Click the above map for driving directions to the Malibu / Lost Hills Jail location from Google.

City Information About Agoura Hills, CA

Sitting on the western part of Los Angeles County where it lays in the foothills called Santa Monica Mountains.  Agoura Hills is located 45 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.