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Is place where families and friends can come to find information regarding Los Angeles bail bond services.  Our services are to give people informative information in Los Angeles for bail bond and DUI Information.  Our services offered in Los Angeles is easy to read and knowledgeable.  Our website provides information that will help you understand the Los Angeles bail procedure. The agent listed on this website are licensed and experienced to handle all types of bail bonds.  With 24hrs and 7 days a week customer service department our team is happy to service your request.

Bail Bonds Los Angeles benefits to using small companies

Smaller bail bond companies are dealing in a very competitive market that relies on repeat business and word of mouth.  Small bail bond companies know that customer service comes along way.  There special attention to friends and families of ones that are in the legal system is there priority.  Offering a personal touch is important in Los Angeles for bail bond services to succeed.  There counselors are there to offer you quick bail bond information and sense of relief knowing you are in the hands of bail bond experts.

Bail Bonds Los Angeles Procedure

When someone is arrested in Los Angeles they are taken and transported to a police station and “booked”.  When a suspect is in the booking process in Los Angeles they are taken through a procedure where information is taken.  Charges against the suspect and identification are taken for processing in Los Angeles.  At that time a police background will be checked on the suspect for warrants or past history offenses.  Once that information has been obtained the suspect is finger printed and indexed in the computer system.   Once inside this system pictures are taken as well as possessions.  These possessions are documented into the system and are signed off by the suspect typically.  Intoxication checks will be done on suspects and different types of checks could be done possibly.  Once these procedure is completed the suspect is escorted a jail cell where they are allowed to make a phone call.  Keep in mind phone calls from a jail inmate are done by “collect call”.  These calls may request the receiver to prepay using a credit card to accept these calls.   If you are suspecting a call from a inmate in Los Angeles we recommend that you have a credit card handy.  Once this call has been established you will have the chance to speak to your friend or family in Los Angeles.  At this point your friend or family my request for a bail and it is important to discuss your options at this time.

How Does the Bail Process Work in Los Angeles, CA

In Los Angeles the bail bond process is processed by what is a called a “surety bond”.  Typically a family or friend will contact the Los Angeles bail bond company by internet, phone, or in person to get the process done.  Once this contact is established the bail bond company in Los Angeles will take that information and get the bail process working.  Keep in mind that bail process only works if the suspect has been granted a bail amount.  Once this is established the fee for bail will be assessed to you and information is required.  This information they request for a bail bond is taking your personal information, work information, marriage information and family involvement to help reduce the risk of fleeing the bail bond.  This entire process cannot be done if the suspect has not been “booked” and “processed”.

The family involvement is important to Los Angeles bail bond companies to help reduce the risks.  At this point once the bail bond has confirmed the information they will request you fill out paper work.  The risk of a bail bond losing its bail money is high.  Because of the nature of the risk they will ask  you to be involved in apprehending a suspect.

Bail Bonds Los Angeles Information

1) 1)  What is a Bail Bond?

It is a written confirmation and guarantee that the accused person will appear to court on the time agreed upon.  These bails in Los Angeles are set on the basis of the nature of the crime and fleeing risk.  Some cases bails can be revoked entirely if the situation calls for a high risk factor.


2) 2) How can a Bail Bond in Los Angeles be posted?

Cash Only Request: The defendant and the co-signer would pay the amount requested by the court.  They must sign contracts that guarantees the defendant will appear on the court date agreed upon.


Secured only Request: Where property and title would be deposited worth at least as much or more than the bail amount in these situations.


3) 3) What happens after I sign a Bail Bonds request in Los Angeles?

You are promising that the defendant will appear to court and that if he does not appear you will assist in apprehending the defendant.


4) 4) What if I want to change the Bond in Los Angeles

You might have to request a Motion to Modify a Bond.  This takes 10 business days and is then received to the correct hearing department.  This process is typically confirmed by writing and your hearing date will be scheduled.  Sometimes they will hear your motion on a letter and not require you to appear.


Type of Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Los Angeles Property Bail Bonds – If not cash is available for bail you can use an alternative source like property as a collateral.  If this is the option for you the property must be owned by the person setting the bail.  The property must be completely owned by you and also may require the property value to exceed the bail amount as collateral.  In case you do not appear to court the property could be forfeited to the courts.  In which the courts could sale your property on the public market.

Los Angeles Cash Bail Bonds – This is the most common bail type available where the cash amount is presented to the courts without the need of a bail bond company.  The money you have secured will be returned to you upon arriving to court on the set date agreed upon.  You can have the bail money also go towards the fines presented by the court system as well in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Federal Bail Bonds – If the suspect is facing a federal charge these crimes in Los Angeles become much more complex in it nature.  These bones are set higher than your average bail bond and be different from each case.  Most the time these bail amounts are very high, they become unaffordable unless a bail bond company is used in Los Angeles.

Bail Bonds Rates
In Los Angeles as we as many other states require that bail bonds to file a bail bond premium rate with the Department of Insurance.  A few bail bond companies are authorized to take a 8% rate instead of the 10% standard rate.  This 8% rate can be offered to people who are actively enrolled in a Union.  A person part of the U.S. military or even has acquired a private counsel for the case for the defendant.

Some bail bond agencies include fees.  It is important to ask if these agencies charge a fee to process a bail bond.

8% Bail Bond Rate Offering Information

Some bail bond companies in Los Angeles can offer a special rate as long as certain qualifications are completed.

Private Counsel is retained – the lawyer must be acquired typically within five (5) days of the bond set and executed date.  It is important to ask the bail bond company what the procedure is right a for 8% rate when a lawyer is attained.

Union Members – A member of the Union is active or receiving special benefits such as disability, retirement benefits can provide this information to the bail bond agency within typically 30 days of the bond set and executed date.

Active or Veteran Members of the Military and Immediate Family – The co-signers and the person acquiring the bond can typically offered this as long as they provide proof within 30 days.  Asking the bail bond service company for more detailed is required to see if you can qualify for this 8% bail bond rate.


What type of Service to Expect from a Bail Bonds Company in Los Angeles

Free 24hr Consultation for Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Bail bond agents are available 24hrs a day in Los Angeles to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  A licensed bail bond agent will be able help you with the bail procedure as well as working with you on all levels of the bail.  Many bail bond companies will help refer you to a company if they are not able to bail quickly.

Fast Service for Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

In the bail bonds world the most important thing is how quickly a bail can be processed.  A bail bond agent will work as quickly as possible to help process a bail.  A bail bond agent in Los Angeles knows how important it is to help get someone out of jail quickly.  Bail Bonds Los Angeles is a website designed to help people find the best bail bond agent in Sourthern California.

Types of Payments Accepted by Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Types of payments recieved for bail bonds can vary.  It is important to communicate the bail bonds company to see what different options are available for payment. Financing and 0% down on O.A.C is available for qualified people in certain situations.  Speaking to a bail bonds agent will provide the best solution regarding payment options for bail.

When a defendant requires a bail bond a bail agency generally needs some sort of payment for posting a bond to release the defendant.  Many times in this tough economy people cannot afford to pay the 10% or even 8% premium required which requires a creative method of payment.  Many times a bail bondsmen will offer a no collateral bail bond as long as there is a payment plan in place.  It is important to speak to licensed bail bondsmen to understand the dynamics of a payment plan being offered.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Payment Options

Many bail bond agents are reluctant to take a check payment but will accept these types of payment below.  You can use a combination of the payment methods listed below as payment as well.



American Express



Money Orders

Wire Transfer

Payment Plan Option for a Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Many bail bond companies provide some type of payment option which can include a small down payment and a monthly charge per month.  These types of plans must be typically qualified before a payment arrangement can be made. Many bail bond agencies will not charge a fee or an interest on the payment plan made.  It is important to talk to about all the different available options prior to making a payment plan.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds services bail bonds for:

* Spouse abuse and spousal abuse or spousal battery bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Domestic violence bail bonds in Los Angeles

* D.U.I. or D(Driving Under the Influence) bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Marijuana offenses bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Misdemeanors bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Larceny bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Criminal threats bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Burglary bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Narcotics & drug offenses bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Robbery bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Assault and battery bail bonds in Los Angeles

* Felonies or Felony bail bonds in Los Angeles

A Lawyer's Referral for a Bail Bonds Company in Los Angeles

If you are a lawyer looking to find a bail bond agent in Los Angeles please feel free to contact us.  As a lawyer we understand the importance of your client and their confidentiality.  As bail agents our website provides information to licensed bail bond agents who working hard to service your client.  We are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week to ensure that bail process will be available.

Clients Experience with Bail Bonds Company
Many of the clients we have come in contact with are new bailing someone out of jail in Los Angeles. Our agents understand that during this time it is important for us to be compassionate and understanding for each client situation.  Our goal is to give our clients the best experience possible by providing all the legal documentation and explaining how the process works. The licensed bail agent will guide you through every step including meeting you at the jail facility to facilitate any request you may have. Available 24hrs a day 7 days a week feel free to contact one of friendly agents today.